Free Domain list: the Best Providers Today

If you are thinking to register your website or blog, you need to know this Free Domain list we bring for you. So, if you do not have enough money, this list will be very useful since you will be able to have your own website from a service for free. There are two ways to create a free web domain name, registering it under a top-level domain approved by ICANN (.tk for example); or creating a subdomain under an individual or company that has purchased a second level domain (

Best Free Domain List

In this part, we’re going talk about free domain providers which offer best domains for clients.

Freenom:  it offers the known .tk, but now has added .ML, .cf and .ga that are very friendly suffixes which are short and easy to remember, another feature is that freenom does not put advertising on domain names that have been generated.

These are the advantages that we provide when registering a domain name: It’s free, no advertising, registrations for 1 month up to one year, suffixes short, Configures DNS, redirects long domain name for the new shorter: .tk, .ml, .cf or .ga, there is no limit of registered domains, they can be renewed every year without limits, option to buy domains.

Dot tk: it provides domain names with tk. Some advantages of hiring a Free Domain Dot TK: the main advantage is that it is a ccTLD domain and is free. You can attach it to a free or paid hosting and create your website. Also, you can renew up to one year although its website does not indicate whether after the year you can continue to renew longer or not.

They are taking Page Rank domains quickly but do not know how to behave with respect to positioning.

Smartdots: it can register multiple domains worldwide. Smartdots is responsible for the administration and assignment of these Domains and everyone can register a domain for free. Registration is completely free, whether for business or private.

It offers a new approach to the registration of a domain name. The fully automated registration systems make getting the name of your choice fast and easy. Enter the domain name you want and, if available, you can register immediately. It’s too easy!

000webhost: it is located in United Kingdom. It offers free hosting packages together with other payments that have many advantages. Currently I use it to host several websites and we can say with property that it has a very good service.

It is a system of free hosting without advertising, with DNS support, with Panel, an excellent Deluxe, FTP access and more. It has all the features that paid hosting offered together with a regular stability in terms of uptime. The free hosting of this site offers: 1500 MB of Web space, 100 GB of monthly Transference, cPanel and wonderful Deluxe, PHP, MySQL, FTP, support own domains and mails, several options that bring payment systems hosting and much more.

.biz: .biz Domain name not only attract more potential customers, but also raise your visibility to the media and investors. .biz means you’re ready for business! It is open for those persons who want to register. It assures you that nobody appropriates your domain name, and does not make changes to your site until you decide it. In addition, it offers real-time hosting so you can start your business immediately.

Of course, this list could be longer, but here you can find some of the best free domain providers that we have selected for you. Finally, it is important to note this list is relative and depends on the user experience or needs that the customer has.




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