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On Internet, you can find Free Hosting where you can host your web. So, acquire  a free domain with no advertising was difficult because the aim of hosting free was post ads in return. But now, some hosting companies offer free web hosting with certain limits in order that short-term gain better accommodation but paying for it.

If you are a person who just started on Internet, it is likely to be attracted by a free web hosting, but note that hosting plans are very affordable for anyone with are very comfortable prices. However, in this opportunity we will show you free hosts where you can register your website.

List of most popular Free Hosting

Determine which is the best Free Hosting of all is difficult, because there really are excellent alternatives in terms of free hosting services with different characteristics, so then we will establish a list of all those who deserve our attention.

000webhost: it offers a free service with the following characteristics: 1500MB disk space, transfer (bandwidth) 100GB, unlimited domains, CPanel, and we do not include advertisements or banners of any kind. Simply one of the best free hostings we can find.

XtreemHost: is considered alongside 000WebHost one of the best free web hosting. Its popularity is due to its 5500 Mb disk space, 200 GB monthly transfer, 4MB size limit per file, 50 MySQL databases, phpMyAdmin 3.2.5, 50 subdomains, and creator of websites with over 600 templates predefined.

 Certainly, it is one of the most complete web hosting which could be complimented with a paid service for $ 44 a year that offers all of the above unlimited (monthly transfer, disk space, etc).

FreeWebHostingArea: it is a free web hosting quite particular because it does not include advertising for those websites that have low traffic; it is a good way to just “penalize” those who have more traffic. Thus, it only penalizes a low percentage of users who use their services. On the other hand, features offer a 1500 Mb of disk space with a size limit of 12 MB per file, unlimited monthly transfer 5 MySQL or phpMyAdmin installed data are some of its main features.

AwardSpace:  its features are more modest: 200 MB of disk space, monthly transfer 5Gb 5 subdomains, 2 domains, PHP 1 MySQL database, FTP access, 5 email are the main feature.

Unlike others we have mentioned, Award Space does not focus exclusively on give free domains but quite the opposite: in the actual cover of the web can see the different payment plans ranging up to $ 7 per month offering unlimited much space disk, such as databases or monthly transfer among other features.

BlackAppleHost: it is a web hosting where you can register in less than 30 seconds and offers 5GB of disk space, 20GB monthly transfer, the panel LayeredPanel control (using cPanel as most hosting payment).

Another aspect to consider is that it has several pre-installed CMS (WordPress or Joomla and others). The drawback of having preinstalled CMS is that hardly will have the latest version of CMS and is not easy to update.

Byethost: it  is a free web hosting  without advertising, with control panel and a (rather limited: SMF, phpBB or Media Wiki) installer automatically CMS, 5500 Mb disk space, 200 GB monthly transfer, access via FTP and subdomains free to choose from several different subdomains. Its main feature is phpMyAdmin and especially, its 50 databases MySQL something not very common in free web hosting.

Even though this list is very short, we think it is very useful for future customers because there are many interesting features in order to choose the best one for their needs.

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