The high rate of internet development is motivating people and business to go online. They create their own personal or business websites with names that are easy to remember. These names are commonly known as domain names. With the advancements in technology, firms are now considering domain names as brands. Well, these are among the things that you should know before opting for a free domain.

It is important that you select a name that your audience can resonate with. It should be pronounceable, easier to remember, short and represent the website in a positive manner. This explains why big companies are willing to spend huge amounts of money just to buy short names from present owners. However, this may not be actualised if you are a young entrepreneur. If you are unable to purchase the Domains tools gospaces even at the lowest price, worry not, this article will give guidance on what to do.

Beware of Scams

Beware of the online scams on the internet who promise you goodies if you fill certain forms. Most of these providers do not keep promises and are just out there to frustrate you. Be aware of these conmen and do not fall into any of their tricks. Where possible, use mobile phones to communicate with the provider especially if you share a common time zone. To avoid litigations later, ask for the copyright rights before engaging anyone in creating domain names for you.

Domain registration

As you may be aware, free domain names do not require any payment during registration. These services are provided by firms and companies that provide low cost and free web services. Such services include VPS hosting, unlimited hosting and domain registration at a low cost. These field services are specifically designed for small and personal website owners, and those new to the web and thus reluctant to commit massive amounts of money.

Domain names from referrals

If you are in need of a domain name and you do not have adequate cash to buy it instantly, you can earn it through affiliate programs and referrals. All what you need to do is to approach the web hosting firm and propose to be their marketer. Refer clients who are in need of domain names to them. Using these proceeds, you may be in a position to cover the cost incurred in developing your domain name.

Domain name offered after buying some service

Most web hosting providers will offer to register your domain name free of cost if you purchase the annual web hosting plan paid annually. In such a case, you buy the web hosting plan from a reputable provider at a subsidized rate to obtain a domain name.

Run background checks for the web domain names

Always be cautious and ensure that the site you are to obtain your domain name from, has a clean record. You can check their track record by the use of the available online tools. Type the domain name in the URL to check whether it has Google Ads. A site that does not support Google Ads may deny you the opportunity of monetizing it later using AdSense.


As an entrepreneur or a business manager, do not use the free domain to do online business. Do not be duped by the ease of creating such a domain name, instead, invest your time in learning about the matter and purchase a cheap domain later. Taking time to learn the process will ensure that you buy a domain that will enable you to realize your goals.